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Interior Design Styles

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Designing your space could be a complicated task, but knowing your style makes it a lot easier. From cozy, warm, sleek and sophisticated styles to functional and timeless. Get inspired and apply any of these design styles in your own home!

Having trouble defining your style? Think simplicity to find comfort and functionality. Here are some inspirations to find the style you've been looking for!


The Traditional style is timeless and brings you back to your roots. The idea is to combine pieces that speak to your life-style. Comfortable furniture, book collections, chandeliers, floral arrangements & casual décor. This style is defined by its warm colors, symmetrical lines, classic art, window coverings, and inviting feeling.


This style evokes the use of bare essentials to reflect an uncluttered space. Being one of the most modern interior design styles, the style reflects clean and elegant lines. The key is to have pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. A monochromatic color pallet is a must, in some cases used as an accent wall. This style focus on the fundamentals & essentials. Perfect to open spaces and bring more light into the area.


Contemporary reflects now and the future while the blending textures and materials. Allowing to emphasize clean lines and smooth transitions between areas. The modern look allows you to play with textures, materials, shapes and forms. If you are looking to have a warm, welcoming and modern look, this style provides simplicity and sophistication to the space.


Scandinavian is most defined by its neutrality, combining colors such as grey, black, brown & white. The soft colors, natural materials, smooth lines and shapes, create the perfect environment that reflects serenity and comfort to the ambiance. The blend of modern and minimalist allows for complete functionality in design. The decoration and the neutrals provide airy spaces filled with light!


Mid-century style uses bold colors, large shapes, patterns & textures. This style allows for exotic elements in patterns and organic forms. The richness in colors can be combined with metal, wood, glass, vinyl and more. To contrast and balance the boldness in colors, whites are an easy solution. This is the perfect style to play with large shapes, patterns, and strong textures.

This style focuses on unique textures and materials to create a simple and luxurious look. The use of raw materials is a common way to emphasize color, shape and form. Exposing the ductwork and embracing all elements to create a focal point within the space. The simplicity of the color palette allows for the use of accent furniture within the space. This pallet is typically in colors such as grey, white, black and brown. The exposure of natural elements such as brick, concrete, and light allows for the creation of the perfect industrial look!

Art Deco

When looking for a combination of lines and shapes, Art Deco is the perfect match. This style is rich with bold colors such as yellow, green, red, blue, purple and pink. The key to softening the look is through the use of softer creams and beiges in the space. Additional geometric shapes, chevrons, trapezoids and zig-zags emphasize beauty and bring a personal meaning to the space.

Modern Farm House

Modern Farmhouse creates a look that feels stylish and cozy. This style focuses on being less rustic and more sophisticated and modern. From smooth lines and a neutral color scheme, to glossy finishes that emphasis accents. Modern Farmhouse provides the perfect balance between astounding contemporary and country style.


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